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Attention visitors: the following articles are legacy documents that helped shape the Age of Corporations as it is today, and cannot be assumed to be canon. They are archived and readable for entertainment and historical purposes only.

The Age of Corporations Livejournal

Welcome to the Flourish Industries Age of Corporations Research Department.

We here at Flourish Industries are dedicated to finding more information about this fascinating point in the history of our planet, Varius. To that end, we have our researchers finding lost documents and data sources on this remarkable time period, and are writing essays on it as we speak. Hopefully, our knowledge of the past will usher us into a new, more hopeful future, and lead for some really great historical fantasy.

Lead Researcher: Dog
Staff Researchers: Cirne, Mysterio
Guest Researchers: SabreCat, Preacher

If you wish to write an article or essay for the FIAoCRD, please contact our lead researcher, Dog, or leave a comment on this page with your requested research subject. Staff researchers may submit articles on their own, but guest researchers must submit their work to Dog for review. Dog has the right to correct or suppress any AoC research that has been published, but he's lazy so just about anything ought to do.


Overview and History

About the city of New Washington - By Dog - Added 2006-08-03

A Brief Timeline of the Age of Corporations - By all researchers - Ever-changing

Districts and Sub-Districts of New Washington - By Dog - Added 2007-03-12

Ethnicity and Cultural Identity of New Washington - By Dog - Added 2005-12-12

The PicoGen/ViaCode War - By Mysterio

Pax Washingtonia - By Preacher - Added 2007-04-06

An Excerpt from the Book of the Apocalypse - By Dog

The Bell Incident - by Mysterio - In Progress

Lists and Reference Articles

Legends of Varius - By all researchers - Ever-changing

AoC NPCs - A Guide for GMs - By Dog - In Progress

Major Corporations - By Dog - In Progress

Races of New Washington - By Dog - In Progress

Legendary Weapons of Varius - By Dog - Ever-changing

Weapons Talk - By Dog - Written 2006-07-31, Added 2006-09-01

Resources of New Washington - By Dog - Written 2005-09-22, Added 2006-03-22

PCs - by all researchers - Ever-changing

Glossary of Terms - by all researchers - In Progress

Magic and Technology

Catalogued Magic of the Age of Corporations - By Dog

Dragon Magic - By SabreCat - Posted to the AoC LiveJournal 2005/09/30
Dragon Runes - By SabreCat - In Progress, updated 2006/3/20
Orpheus Academy for the Necromantic Arts - By Dog - In Progress
Technomancy - By Preacher - Originated 4/14/2005, major additions c. 8/5/2006

Computers and the Age of Corporations - By Dog Written 2005-09-22, edited and added 2006-03-22

High-Density Plastic - By Dog 2005-11-23, edited 2006-03-22

New Washington Monetary System - By Dog, written long ago but separated 2007-01-25

The New Washington Rail System - By Dog 2005-10-08

Arms Manufacturers of the Age of Corporations - By Dog and others - Ever-changing

Matter-Energy Displacement, Ether Motes and The Polar Elements - By Dog - posted 2005-08-26

Example Specifications for the Guardian V203 - By Dog - In Progress

Metal and Sugar: Elvish Industry in New Washington - By Dog - Started 2005-09-01, finished and posted 2006-03-22

Excerpts from Video Transcript of Guardian Training - By Dog

Factions and Locales

Articles Needing Overhaul


Duel, by Dog

Blade and Bullet, by Dog

Labyrinthine Legend, by Dog, Loki, SabreCat, Cirne, ...? (int-fic)

Callah, by Preacher -- This story takes place in the late Age of Corporations c. 2840


These stories helped to inspire and shape the Age of Corporations, but no longer accurately describe it. They are here to show you how we are where we are.

Lanna's Tale, by Dog and Jadress

City of Chrome, by Dog, Cirne, Kal, Wolfhound

The Stuff of Dreams, by Dog and Mysterio


- You know it's really funny thinking back to how I knew most of you how many years ago? It seems like forever. And you all are still the same good ole creative bunch you always were (compliment). Anyway, I really enjoy reading your stuff (great way to kill time at work), keep it up! One thing that I thought would be fun to have is a map or maps. Reading the descriptions of what happened and how the landscape has changed, it would be interesting to have a real visual depiction from the author(s). Just a thought :-) - Lyfana

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