The Cobwebs' Attic

You have arrived to the topmost room of the house. The feeble light of the hallway fixture shines up the pull-down wooden ladder and makes old toys, boxes of Christmas tree decorations and discarded exercise equipment look bizaare and cyclopean. You sense there is much here yet at the same time there is an apprehension. It is very dark here. You might get eaten by a Grue.

Obvious Exits Are: North, East, Window, Reinhart, and Dog

Things to Hear

>?Reiny's Madness
>Under a Nordic Trak ski you find notes advising one to mix Reinhart with Armored Core, caffeine, Joey Lemich, and no sleep for two days. "The secret of the universe!" claims the page. A magic spell?

>?Short peices
>Nonfiction and Fictional shorts added to Inventory!

Things to See

>?The Age of Corporations
>Hidden among the bright glass ornaments of Christmastime is the soulful diorama of an epic Cyberpunk fantasy world. Closer inspection reveals three wise men on the right having a heated debate and a woman in the back of the diorama seeming to be sculpted of plastic painted shadow black.

>?Wise Men
>In their tiny metal hands are documents and symbols of the secrets of Technomancy.

>Shis is a half-formed shadow of something great looming over this busy diorama. She fades in as though approaching from the future and is named Callah.

Things to Know

>?HRH Presents the Merry Spammer's Ball
>Raucous music plays as a clockwork set parades names and profiles of several interesting throwaway characters.

>A map to the spartan homepage for the Gametable application, an RP rescource that nobody who plays on online chat RP should be without!

>In the back of a weatherbeaten copy of Frank Lloyd Wright's The Living City you find this URL to a site comtemplating the glory of Architecture and Structure.

Things to Do

>?The GW Chronicle
>Beside a disused treadmill is the ultimate game set: Representing over ten years of creative work, it is the recounting and storage for posterity of one of the author's most fully realized game worlds and imaginary universes. For use as a TSR D20 based campaign setting and also a setting for short stories, novels, a possible webcomic and god knows what else.

>?San Francisco
>Another game set atop a stack of old Avolon Hill war games. Created some eight or so years ago, it is the second most developed setting in this games repertoire and the most used or “stock.” San Francisco is a setting exclusively for use in a first through revised edition White Wolf World of Darkness campaign. Herein you can find blurbs and maybe even a write up or two on the characters, concepts, storylines and places that make this setting one of the most used and requested in all the house's gaming groups.

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