This is a page where different people can get together to work on things. Projects by more than one person should like as not be linked to from here, under the “Collaborations” user.


The Age of Corporations

Mysterio & Dog:
Here are the tentative rules for collabs written by the two of us. The main body of our collaborative texts will be, of course, uneditable-- that is our 'archive'. Below it, DIRECTLY under the story, will be our additions to the story. They will be 'comments' and editable, but please do not alter them. Every couple of weeks, we'll integrate our editable text into the permanent text, leaving the comment space empty of anything but comments. Rinse, repeat. If you wish to leave comments (and please do!) please go to the bottom of the comments and leave your (preferably signed) words in italics, after our additions to the story. Thanks a lot!

The Stuff of Dreams

Dog & Robin
For now, my collab with Robin is static until I find her. Hopefully I'll coax her into joining this community. Although our writing was a little unpolished on both sides, I really liked Lanna's tale, and if she manages to find her way out here, I want to see if we can't revise and continue it.

Lanna's Tale - This was the very first story ever to be written in the Age of Corporations. It's old, we were young, there are errors, it's not even finished, but it's still rollicking fun. Enjoy.

Dog, Cirne, Kal, Wolfhound
This is a story originally written quite some time ago on the Coolsig Forums, now being edited and posted here. Hopefully once the editing is done, we might even continue the story.

City of Chrome

Dog, Rhys

Rhys's Prelude

Dog, Loki, SabreCat, ...?
Punished by one of the great Corporations, an outsider finds himself in the twisting slums of the New Washington Labyrinth, where gods, spirits, and legends walk. What madness and adventure await him there?

Labyrinthine Legend

Callah, by Preacher -- This story takes place in the late Age of Corporations c. 2840

Information about many of these stories can be read at The Age of Corporations page.

Other Collaborations

SabreCat, Dog, ...?
Stories from the mean streets of the city of New Valhalla, haven to wizards, street gangs, superheroes... and Toons.

Fire and Paint

Dog, SabreCat
The Galaxy Corp collaboration known as “Drifter” will find its workspace here on the wiki, at least for now.


Preacher, Reinhart, Dog
The classic roleplaying game of Gamma World will be making a return and this wiki will be one of the places where its updating and changes are revealed and discussed.

The GW Chronicle

Reinhart, Rektide
MMPOG musings of the Puritanical Light and shining beacon of civilization.

Dark Frontier

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