"Nothing Unreal Exists . . ."

Maya is an imaginary cosmology similar to Roger Zelazny's Amber but with a perhaps more philosophical direction to it. It's a world where most of the characters exist as imaginary people within imaginary worlds but where all imagination is reality. Reality is all that exists so reality exists at all levels. At what level do our thoughts and dreams become manifest? And if each thought has some truth in the universe, what does that say about the world we live in?

Like most things in this Wiki, Maya is completely open to comments, discussion, and most importantly, collaboration.

Here we'll explore the basics of this expansive cosmology:

Recommended Reading:

A series about the immortal courts of the world Amber which is surrounded by countless illusionary shadow worlds (including our own) and the distant alien courts of Chaos. Although this series seems to have the strongest influence on this setting, the influence of the other titles should not be overlooked.

This unique cyberpunk novel is a great example of just how our dreams can be physical worlds and how the events in one world are sympathetic with the events in another.

A juvenile comedy that strangly has alot of metaphysical similarities to Maya. The characters jump from one world to another. Each world seems to spring completely from their imagination but is filled with the same familar faces and landmarks.

The story of Maxx who is uncertain as to whethor he is a superhero living as a bum in New York City or the savage lord of a world called Outback. He searches for his jungle queen who is simultaniously Julie Winters, his disturbed social worker. This story shows just how the connections between two worlds have can be very metaphorical. The “Outback” realm Maxx hunts in is both a reflection of the city he lives in, and Julie's subconcious. So a person can be the personification of a place just as the place is the landscape of their mind and soul. Thus each of us contains unique and infinite worlds in a way. We are the landscape of the spirit world. What if those worlds could be made as real as this world? And what if our world were just the mad dream of another?

Silent Hill is a not just a place, it's also a state of mind. This mysterious and mist filled town seems abandoned but those who visit often find monsters from their own nightmares hide here. In fact, over time the location of Silent Hill becomes less and less important as people from different parts of the world are drawn to it as darkness enters their hearts and mind. A clear example of how each layer of reality becomes a state of mind.


I have found the perfect representation for what a Maya storyline could look like! Check out the Sixgun series at this link:

It has the big bold Maya flavor for sure. Also look for a story by me about a little girl with phenomenal cosmic power who may or may not threaten the entire multiverse. -- Preacher

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