Okay, not much here but here's the first secret of the setting . . . those god-like beings that inhabit the Seals are powerful and quite wise and enlightened, but they've gotten something totally backwards. It's not so much that their worlds cling to an axis of order surrounded by the depths of Chaos as much as they exist on the hard shell of the egg that is Chaos. The “emptiness” of Chaos is in truth the opposite, a place where all distinction breaks down so that all possibilities exist at once. In such a world most possibilities seem to be nothing, as we partly define things by what they aren't as well as what they are. Thus the abyss is the thick fluid yolk of the great egg of reality, at the center exists all times, places, and things. And so in truth everything is connected to this Void and order seems to spring from this fountain of disorder. The sepperation between worlds becomes more and more an illusion, thus re-emphazing that this world is called Maya. Just as you can never escape from the influence of the Seals, so too can nothing sepperate itself from the void, and thus nothing exists beyond the barrier that does not exist within Chaos . . . including order.

This revelation is something that I believe many of these god-like beings would not be comfortable with, and I want this secret to somehow be one of the major points of a story.

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