Where all things are true, nothing can exist.

Chaos is the all surrounding emptiness that pulls and tears at the ordered universe. Those who travel far in shadows know that as one travels through the distorted possibilities of Maya away from the influence of the Seals, the wilder and more unstable reality becomes until the traveler finds its self at the edge of a dark void. That void is Chaos, as the Greeks and Chinese originally invisioned it.

Entities and creatures from realms near Chaos are often quite hidious by our standards, with forms Howard Phillips Lovecraft would best explain with few details but considerable excitement. However, as many of these creatures come from different natures that blend into other, and where distinct worlds break down, they are often accomplished shapechangers or quite ephemeral.

The idea that Chaos is all encompassing is an important part of the mentality of those who exist near the Seals. In a world where infinite realms of infinite volume exist, the only real distance is between that of the Seals that represent natural order, and the great chasm that represent entropy. To be removed from the influence of the Seals and to be affected by the disruption of Chaos can be categorized as one in the same. And this is the danger of traveling far in Maya.

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