Francis Benedict Fisher - Francis is at a cross-roads. His eyes have been opened to the limitless of his existence but he is afraid to make the next step for himself. Part of that fear comes from the fact that it doesn't seem to be his decision. If the travelers he has met have told him the truth, he is only a reflection or echo of another consciousness. That consciousness tugs at him constantly, wanting to pull him from the world he knows, and the people he loves, and change him into someone, or something, entirely different. How does one react to the realization that nothing you've known and no one you have ever cared about is real? It would be convenient to just ignore it all, but he's spent much of his life dedicated to exploring human consciousness. As his past and present begin to unwravel around him, it now seems all he's ever been is a developping extention of this unknown but personal force. In this hopelessness he hopes to find a balance, and perhaps to hold on to some small part of who he is.

Blessed Raven - Raven of the Sea was one of the noble guardians of Emhain Abhlach, otherwise known as the Kingdom of Apples. As the senior prince of the Sea tribe, he held an administration position within the courts. He is remembered best in his attempts to bridge peace between the Sea tribe and the inhabitants of a distant realm, which is now recognized as an outpost for creatures from Chaos. A war broke out, and Blessed Raven led a small force deep into the shadows. There the force met with tragedy, and it is said that several of the princes of the tribe of Sea lost their lives, including Raven. It is quite difficult however, for anything to be truely lost in Shadow, and many believe that perhaps the attack was an elaborate ruse, or excuse for Raven to travel deeper into to Chaos than any denizen of Emhain Abhlach ever have.

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