Reiny's Madness

"Hey you have to honor the persistence of an 18th degree (Human) PLUS! Well. . . I reveal a little secret after you get in the groove; it's easy and quite fun! As to how we lived through the procedure 18 times, simple: As you sit there on the medical table and you hear the voices of the two mysterious doctors, close your eyes imagine that the two doctors are hands talking to each other like sock puppets would. Now raise both of you hands up and have them move their “mouths” in sync with what the doctors are saying. (eyes still closed!!!)

Now, when you hear them say “. . . he will be reborn.” “You mean, if he survives,” have them laugh like crazy muppets! Now open your eyes. MY GOD, what has happened?!? Those aren't doctors, those are your hands! And what the HELL were they talking about!!! Your hands are plotting against you! And what on earth can you do about it? They're both your hands, talking to each other! You can't stop them! There is nothing you can do outside of finding a good astringent and a woodchipper -- and don't think that they won't stop you!

I know this has been a bit longer than my normal quote/rant, but I don't think that you mind."

-- Original post modified for grammar and spelling only. Trust me, the spirit of the post is still there.


You know, this is exactly what I started doing when I was achieving the Human Plus myself. Except that my friends were there, so I relinquished one role to Mysterio, and we ended up doing the dialogue back and forth that way, including the maniacal laughter at the end.
Did I ever talk to you about this? Er, bless you, my son. ~Hobo Dog Spirit

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