The GW Chronicle

In a little less than five hundred years, humanity will finally get it right.

Through the slow fumbling of invention, humanity will learn to leave behind its childhood home shrugging away centuries of brutal politics and vicious history. For two bright centuries We will fill the galaxy with our kind. We will explore and expand and discover untill the light of the stars themselves shrinks back at our presence. . . and then We will spit it all back into our collective faces.

In the twenty-fifth century something went wrong. Something we thought we could control. Something we thought we had overcome.

That something was ourselves.

In eleven heartbreaking years the society we built burned to nothingness. Nothing could save us; not microsopic machines, not tailored genomes, not the infinite magics we had learned to conjure. When we had finished using every last bit of it against ourselves the stars swept back in to preside over an emptied galaxy. The worlds men built were reduced to faint embers resting among the ash of everything we were.

But the end of men was not the end all things.

Though blasted, blighted and shaken to its very core, the Earth had survived. The creatures that re-emerged had adapted to the sullied world through either sudden flashes of evolution or the random ravages of leftover toxins. New beings now walk the earth with the distant descendents of the women and men that lived through the immense tragedy of the Cataclysm.

And it is from them that Civilization is being reborn. A civilization created at a time unlike any in the history of the planet. A civilization inhabited by walking dreams and nightmares. A civilization formed with abilities and points of view never before seen.

A civilization that still can't escape the legacy of the Ancients and thier glorious, terrifying, corruptive power.

Representing over ten years of creative work, this is the recounting and storage for posterity of one of my most fully realized game worlds and imaginary universes. For use as a TSR D20 based campaign setting and also a setting for short stories, novels, a possible webcomic and god knows what else.

The default setting for most of this source material is in the American Southwest “Four Corners” region -- Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona in the United States. The default time is between four and five hundred years after the Cataclysm that ended human society.

Much like Dog's AoC resources, this is a living work. Please feel free to comment, question and add to it. Much of the timeline and larger questions have been formed and answered but there is a very great deal still to be filled in. As it has been for people throghout the last decade, this world is yours to play with.

Enjoy the ride.

Basic Articles/Essays -- Shorter items on general setting information

Sourcebooks/material -- Longer items on specific setting themes and concepts

Updating GW to d20 3.5 -- by Reinhart

Appendix A: The Deltapian Guilds -- Histories and current information by Preacher

History -- Master Setting Timeline and any items on a time-period that is NOT the default. (see above)

Master Setting Timeline

Fictional Works -- Of any type, time period, or locality

The Big Page 'o Characters

Miscellaneous -- Because you've got to have a misc section

"There Will Come Soft Rains"

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