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What if you played a massive online game where you weren't just some mage or warrior wandering around rolling hills and killing monsters for no reason? What if you played an online game where your actions directly effected the setting, and where cooperation was its own reward? Heck, what if you played an online game that was actually fun and exciting at the same time?

That probably gives you some idea about what I want Dark Frontier to be. Here is the basic concept broken down into bullets:

News Reel

~~Rektide, Aug22,2006AD~~ After a long time away, ReinhartZ and myself are holding forum on Dark Frontier, developing a narrative and shared concept for the world. Much of that discussion will be folded into the wiki. To preserve the current DF world, I'm temporarily pushing the new discussion into its own sub-wikispace, so as not to trounce the existing content. Dark Frontier v2

~~ReinyZ, Unkown Date~~ Lately I haven't had time to add to this but I did want to mention one important change to the design of the game. I'll be completely doing away with the character creation rules and focusing on equipment to customize a character's abilities. This should place additional emphasis on the resources and economics of the game, and allow invested players to play multiple roles instead of just specializing all the time as one.

The rough mechanics of the game can be found here:

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