Town Construction

One of the unique aspects of Dark Frontier is that the players have the capability to create their own structures. These structures require resources and even some special training to construct, and often require special maintainance as well. In exchange they provide the necessary services that most players take for granted in other worlds.

The first, and most important structure that characters can build is the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary similar to the town hall in many popular real time strategy games. It is the core of any town and all other structures must be built near it or adjacent to structure near it.

The Sanctuary is a useful structure because it is where player characters sign into the game and where they are revived if they are defeated. It also is where resources are initially stored and where town's people are created over time.

Sanctuaries can only be built in select locations across the landscape, designated by special landmarks.

This structure has little use other than expanding the maximum number of town's people in the area. Because of this, it is often only built in larger towns that have a higher player population where additional workers are needed.

This structure allows players to place their items and resources for sale on the local market. It is also possible to set up orders for items and resources here. The market place is tied to any nearby shops and so it is possible to place orders for custom items and resources through the market.

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