Ugh, please try and ignore the glaring shading errors. >/<;; mwar... ~Za

It doesn't look like crap! Knock it off! It's fair to say what you don't like about the work you've done, but callously bashing it isn't going to make candy come out. We all think your art rocks.
on an unrelated note, COFFEE! ~~Dog

Second that, wholeheartedly. Kickass pic... not much more to say. --Cirne

*relents* Alright, alright, so it doesn't suck. What bothers me is that it scanned crooked and that I screwed up the shading. I guess those are my only two complaints about this one. I like the snoozing cat gal better, though. ~Za

I love this piece. It's my new desktop, at least for the next week or so until I'm all like “Ooh, Shiny!” about something and then I change it, but, yeah, it's awesome. It reminds me a lot of a few people up here. ~Mysterio

^^; I'm flattered! :) ~Za

Hehe, so now you've got two people with Za-backgrounds! --Cirne

Niiiice... actually thats exactly you on caffeine! =P --X-Efficiency

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