Wiki Sandbox

Ahh, clean sandbox.

Yes. Thank god. -_-

Not anymore... playing with wiki -Tarsus

italics, bold, a link to

Wiki Introduction is how I got here.

Attention, SsSs person. Stop doing this. If you wish to post in our wiki, you must become a part of our community. Your linkdump is unwelcome otherwise. ~Dog

What is the deal with that? I keep watching it being created and deleted in the Wiki Changes list, and I understand that it's an unwanted intrusion by someone. What does the page entail when it's there? ~DPsycho

I'm not too sure myself. It might be an attempt at Google Bombing. The main issue is that this person is posting a rather large page that clearly has some kind of purpose, but is not a part of the community. It's more the fact that it's an intrusion that bugs me than how it might intrude. ~Dog

The page includes a list of external links (based in Asia somewhere, Korea if I recall correctly), nothing more--not even descriptions of said links. Wiki spam, plain and simple. ~SabreCat


Crud. I guess this machine (one I use at work) isn't set up to display Unicode in IE... 's all gibberish, and I can't use special characters on my homepage. Will tinker. ~SabreCat

Testing the new Wiki engine...

Testing Wiki functionality.

Just being annoying. ~Mouse

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