Int Fic Rules

The following are the rules used for standard Interactive Fiction (int-fic) written on this wiki.

  1. Every story has a Lead Storyteller, established at the start of a story.
    1. The Lead Storyteller may delete any section of story that he sees fit, but must first alert the writer to this fact.
    2. The Lead Storyteller may not alter content written by another writer without permission, but he may delete and replace it.
    3. The Lead Storyteller may add sections to previous parts of the story if he sees fit.
    4. The Lead Storyteller may appoint a new Lead Storyteller at any time, at which point he relinquishes the role in full.
    5. All writings by the Lead Storyteller are subject to the same rules and expectations as those of other writers, save for the exceptions listed above.
  2. Each writer has full authority over his own characters.
    1. Any writer may write a scene containing other characters, and may have those characters act and speak.
    2. A writer may demand that a section of writing be revised or deleted if his characters appear in it in what she finds an inappropriate fashion. Objecting writers may not make such revisions themselves without permission.
    3. Writers also have creative control over content involving their characters' pasts. Retconning that involves a character or information about a character may be vetoed by its author.
  3. Add to a story clearly and well.
    1. When adding to a story, the writer must leave his handle or name above or below his work.
    2. Writers new to this wiki should leave an tag indicative of their identity or create a page on the wiki.
  4. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  5. Be respectful and cooperative.

Rules by Dog.

This is, of course, in progress. If anyone has suggestions or clarifications, please comment down here. ~Dog

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