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Feel free to comment about my Wiki. Let me know if there's anything you think doesn't feel right, or if there's something else you'd like to see. All comments are appreciated; let me know what you think! --Cirne

I received the message “The page <A HREF="view.php?page=wikisandbox> Wiki Sandbox has been modified since you started editing it. Please return to the page and try again.” - I doubt that it was supposed to look like that. It would be very handy to able to see what has been changed by the last edit, and what pages have most recently been edited. Also, some kind of search facility would be useful.

Ah, you're right, there was a quote missing there. There is a Recent Changes page, which will show you all changes since your last edit; however, actually showing what has changed is my next project. --Cirne

Can images be included?

The short answer is yes, but not publicly. (That is, not as a link to an off-site image.) --Cirne

Thought this art-related link might come in handy... ~Dog

Glad to see the “Leave comments!” changed to “Edit this!” for newcomers' sake. To continue tidying up/clarifying that, you might consider changing the “Editing comments for NN” header to simply “Editing NN". ~SabreCat

Problem report: I've been having some trouble with the Recent Changes feature. It seems that if I haven't edited something using a given computer, it will only display the most recent changes in the past day, no matter what I click. I'll see if the problem remains even if I have edited something.

Confirmed; once I've performed an edit, it will only display the changes since my last update. ~SabreCat

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