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A collection of atomic bits of setting detail. Anyone can add a “node” by providing a name, a one-word tag telling what kind of thing it represents, a brief description (and I do mean brief, no more than a sentence or two! Use the fruitful void), and relationships to one or more previously created nodes.

If you add a node, please drop a comment saying so over at, as this is more a repository for existing nodes than the primary place for creating them.


(Character) Anna Destrier
"This world is broken beyond repair. Time to cut our losses."

(Location) Capital City
A shadow of its former self.
Anna Destrier recently passed through.

(Character) Garrit
A shade, half out of phase with reality.
Haunts the slums of Capital City.

(Character) Nigel Hawkins
A phase technologist, very skilled in his work.
Resentful subordinate to Anna Destrier.

(Object) Window
Garrit's sword, made of transparent metal.
Sentient, lost.

(Event) The Breach of Tether 879B
Gamchicothic gnawing eventually set this thread adrift.
The cataclysm orphaned Garrit and cut off Capital City from its power.

(Faction) Qlipoth
Demonic creatures dragging the worlds into dissolution.
Caused the breach of Tether 879B.

(Character) Len
"I don't know what to do with it. Did it just... say something?"
Capital City youth; stumbled upon Window.

(Faction) The 88th Division Shifters: “Charging Hounds"
A reputation for swift action, skillful tactics, and ruthless pragmatism.
Anna Destrier and Nigel Hawkins belong to this group.

(Event) Operation Glass Corsair
The boy was never meant to be harmed.
A mission of the Charging Hounds targeting Len and Window.

(Character) Dantalion
Cunning, leering, with an army at his command.
A Qlipothic demon.

(Concept) Phase Tech
Used to shift between threads. Also employed in some anti-demonic weaponry.
The signature gear of Nigel Hawkins and the Charging Hounds as a whole.

(Concept / Location) The Tangled Skein
Sometimes, a team does not arrive at its target destination...
A labyrinthine netherworld, infested with Qlipoth, that can ensnare travelers who botch a use of Phase Tech.

(Event) A Reunion
"return to me what is mine..." “Aieee!"
Garrit goes in search of Len to reclaim Window.

(Character) Calen Destrier
"I don't have much time left. Save me... or at least make me proud."
Anna Destrier's father.

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