Fire and Paint

This is the wiki for “Fire and Paint,” SabreCat's cyberpunk/supers/weird-fantasy world where humans and cartoon characters (called Anims and Toons) live side by side in less-than-perfect harmony on the mean streets. Thus far, Fire and Paint has seen incarnation in three one-shots and a short campaign, all in Steve Jackson Games' GURPS, as well as a smattering of fiction sadly lost during Cat's move out of his Knox College apartment. The setting now sees rebirth here in the Flouri Wiki! Follow the links below to learn about the world, then feel free to collaborate and contribute as you see fit!

Format modeled after Dog and Company's The Age of Corporations.


Fire and Paint: A World of Crime, Magic, and Ubiquitous Madness - By SabreCat - The basic description and flavor of F&P.
The Fundamentals of Fire - By SabreCat - Magic, superpowers, and other paranormal phenomena known to the world of F&P.
Realities and Races - By all contributors - Species of creatures you might encounter wandering the world.
Conspiracies and Corporations - By all contributors - Some major groups based in the city of New Valhalla.
NV Locations - By all contributors - Hotspots, headquarters, and other important locations in New Valhalla.
F&P Characters - By all contributors - Notable personages and zany critters!

Fiction and Int-Fiction:


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