Catnap (CG)

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Aww, is cute! One thing - her hairline should be a little lower (the line is there, right above the left eye (or her right). Yeah, it should be red to there). Y'know, it's kinda freaky, cuz when I thought of this in colour I saw her with a green shirt and red hair, too. O_o;

Kudos on cleaning up my messy sketchyness - the paper was a mess. ^^;

Hee hee - yay, is colourful!!! *happy dance* ~Za

Gosh, you're right! I didn't realize that... I go fix. (Done!) --Cirne

Much better. :) ~Za

(Also just made a desktop background version, at 4:3 aspect ratio, at 640x480 and 1600x1200 resolution. Catnap (CG, background-size) --Cirne)

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