May 21, 2003

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It's a definite improvement. Her facial features are well placed - and she's looking up! (I can tell, you've got the ears lowered like they should be). However, she doesn't seem to have a chin... you may wanna go and study a few pics of people looking up to determine how to place that (if at all... I dunno, I can't decide if it looks right or not. It may just be the shape that's bugging me. yeah, I think that's it). Her shoulders are too wide for a chick, though. Currently it seems she's got the head of a girl and the body (for the most part) of a guy. I think her neck could stand to be a milimetre or two larger (wider). Bring in her shoulders a bit - a girl's shoulder width is usually one and a half to two heads wide (mebbe a wee bit bigger depending on the build of the chick, but not often).

Arms... um... They need more defintion. Right now they're more like tubes than arms. Arms have a certain curvature to them that is a royal pain to draw. I'm also not getting the foreshortening. If it's there, I'm not seeing it, and you need to try again. Currently she has no wrists. ;_; She needs wrists. Her hands look okayish, but they are anatomically off. I think they need to be slightly larger. The finges are also too short - remember that they have three joints (one where they connect to the hand, another in the middle, and one at the tip). I could go into the ratios on that, but I don't remember them offhand. ^^;

Moving along... Waist! Where is it? It's there, but it's hard to see because her hips are nonexistent, or at least misplaced (too low). Chicks have hips. They also have legs. Legs that are longer. =3 Right now her legs are too short, and her torso a bit too long. Lengthening her legs and moving her hips up should help solve a few inconsistencies.

What I've noticed most about your pics of girls is that you make them too thick. It works just fine for your pics or guys, but girls are a bit more curvy and small. Yes, even the uber butch chicks. XD So yeah, see if you can yoink an anatomy book from somewhere at some point. It's easier than going through trial-and-error.

Another thing - hair. Hair is light. Hair is flowy. Hair should be represented as such. Here (and in other pics.. not all the others, but most of them) it looks more clayish than hair-ish. Try just using a few undefined lines to represent hair - once you get a feel for it, then you can move on to blocking it (like in anime). Or not, if you don't want to. (If your not sure what I mean, my Twister!!! ^_^ pic is an okay example. Pleh, sorry about linking to my art in your gallery... I just wanna get my point across. The So what? pic is a better example. Dammit, I did it again! >/<)

Since the wings are more stylised I'll refrain from commenting on them. Keep in mind that realistic wings have three joints (like a human arm - shoulder, elbow, wrist).

Okay, my attention span is all “flop!” so I'm gonna stop here. Despite my nitpicks it is an improvement for you. Now go improve s'more! ~ Za

(and please pardon any errors in this). >_<;;;

... darn it, just noticed something else. The right eye (her left) is slightly too high and slightly too far to the left. It should be nudged down and over to the right a hair. ~Za

HEY! Draw something!!! Monkey head! ~Za

Hey... you never yell at me to draw anything. ~Dog

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