April 2, 2003: Mirror, mirror - “One step"

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Aye, I'll agree with you on the unstructured bit. Even so, it's an interesting piece. Your shading technique is nifty - you might wanna consider looking into hatching and cross hatching (especially cross hatching, cuz it's neat). Ew for leaving your shtuff in Illinois. O/o; Ew on yucky mechanical pencils. Ew on me slouching in front of the 'puter... O/o Anywho, you certainly have good ideas for art, you just need to work on proportion and what not. Oh, one last thing - the person in the background. I didn't even notice them at first. You might have wanted to make him a bit more prominent. The guy in front really hogs the eye (because the he's more white - they background figure is darker, and the eye is lazy and tends to be drawn towards lighter areas than darker areas). It's just a thought. Anywho, neat idea, neat pic. =3 ~Za

I like this piece a lot, and I'm not sure why. I am very drawn to the subject matter, the way you placed everything. What is it about? --Liesel

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