March 7, 2003

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Eyes are fun. (edit) Okay, now that I've thought about it, I'm gonna try and be constructive. ^^; It's hard to tell where the eyelid is, which makes it nearly impossible to discern any sort of expression. The last 4 eyes you said are meant to have different expressions. At first glance, the only one with a recognizeable expression is the second, because it's narrowed. They lack definition, what you've got here appears more to be a rounded box with spikey bits and circles inside. *wince* (gah, I feel like I'm being a terrible horrible person!). What you want is an eye. I think you're perfectly capable of drawing an eye, you just need to try again. When I first started drawing anime-ish people (gah!) I had an insane amount of trouble with eyes. Which kinda brings me to my next point - what style are using? Is it meant to be an anime eye, the eye of animal, just a random eye... Like I said, it needs definition. Try fleshing it out. And include the eyebrow, since it also plays a major factor in expressions. The polykarbon tutorial is good for technicalities, but I've seen more varied eye tutorials. In fact, I'm gonna go try and dig one up. I s'pose if I can't find one, I can always make one. I did a face tutorial for Jessica a long while back... La la la *dig dig dig* Okie, I kinda found the one liked... I saved the images from it, and there are two pics with a bunch of guy and gal eyes. Not exactly uber helpful, but it's better then nothing, I guess. za_eyef and za_eyem. Oh, and I noticed you only drew left eyes... thas just an observation, though. ^^; ~Za

Thank you so much... this is exactly what I look for when I post art up, especially explorations like these. Looking back at it, yeah.. in terms of what I've done so far, I'd consider them better, but a long way from good. I'll give this another shot (on real paper this time) soon. Hopefully we'll see improvement. As for the left eyes... I wanted a good comparison. I figured right eyes would follow relatively naturally. --Cirne

Guess what - I found the tutorial I was talking about! If you're interested, it's here. along with other stuff.

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