February 23, 2003: Mirror, mirror

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Well, my first effort at actually drawing to draw something, rather than simply sketching for the practice of it. I probably shouldn't do this too often.. it takes up time I could be using to make lots of simple practice sketches. But it's nice to know that I can actually turn something out if I try. I think I'll CG this at some point. --Cirne

Is spiff, especially the way you've got the mirror. However, it is better to just do quick and simple sketches. Once you do enough of them you get a feel for how things are meant to be positioned, and what to do in terms of perspective. I must admit though, I used to spend a lot of time on one drawing when I should've been doing sketches. You've seen my “portfolio"... Anywho, yeah, CG it. I'd like to see how it turns out. It's a definite improvement. ~Za

Oddly enough, I kind of like the stuff that you do that's sort of unusual, like the hand size and body proportion. It provides a really interesting sense of character. Your sense of perspective is clearly intact-- you've got that down pretty well. Your eyes seem a bit formulaic, though; it might not hurt to check out http://polykarbon.com and look at the eyes tutorial. It helped me out a lot.
On a less technical note, this is a pretty cool concept; what spawned it?~~Dog

Just an image I got in my head at one point. Sort of a “two sides to the same thing” sort of drawing. I spent a lot of time sketching in my class notebook, and I scanned it in just in case anyone's curious- cirne_mirrormirrorexplorations. Oh, and I may do more pictures with the Mirror, mirror characters... I kinda like them. --Cirne

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